The Everyday life that cares

What we do

When a family is confronted with the illness or disability of a child, the day-to-day routine is shattered, the sense of normality lost. CasaOz provides a space and a range of services which help to create an everyday life that cares, a space where they can feel at home for as long as needed.

Just like home, CasaOz has brightly coloured rooms filled with toys and books which provide a light and stimulating environment in which its professional staff and volunteers offer children educational, creative and sporting activities to facilitate integration, social interaction and a sense of wellbeing. At CasaOz, everything is focused on what a child can do and not what they can’t do. CasaOz is also a place of concrete support for families.

It offers resources and support on how best to deal with issues and problems. Parents can find a friendly face for a coffee, a chat, or a lunch together. And just like home there is a laundry room, a shower and a room for those on a short break away from the hospital

Who we help

CasaOz provides support to more than 500 people every year. Our unique range of services give sick and disabled children the opportunity to participate in activities and sports they otherwise would not be able to access.

Sharing the house and its games and being with other children plays a vital role in the healing process. For many, CasaOz is a lifeline.

Why OZ?

In the story The Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum describes Dorothy's journey through unknown lands and colours, meeting mysterious animals and characters. This journey is, for all at CasaOz, a metaphor for illness and disability in which a huge range of feelings and emotions alternate. From the disorientation that begins with the diagnosis, to the determination to overcome the difficulties, CasaOz strives to find a new daily life that allows children and their families to face the future better: this, for CasaOz, is the happy ending!

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Supporting CasaOz means accompanying children and young people through a difficult time, being close to a mum and dad giving them a sign of hope, making them feel less alone.

Choose to support CasaOz, your help is important now more than ever!

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